Value Of Life In Mark Twain's The Most Dangerous Game

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In my own personal opinion I think that everyone has a different value. So what is the actual value of a human life? Well after reading two short stories, one poem, and two articles, I realized that everyone has a different opinion on this subject. Think of the kids in Africa, then think of the kids in America. Do you really think that they have the same value? Reason one why I think that no one has the same value. In the short story “The Most Dangerous Game” General Zaroff said “...only the strongest should survive…” He also thought that humans/ sailors were the scum of the Earth, so he started to hunt them when animals started to bore him. He obviously didn’t think that a human life was worth that much. The people he hated most were sailors but at the same time he never killed Ivan so that shows that he valued Ivan’s life more. To say that everyone have the same value to you would be a lie because the people you know, trust, love, or even hate all have a different value to you then someone you don’t even know.…show more content…
Even identical twins have some differences. Some people have told me that everyone is born equal, but I have to disagree because in “The Scarlet Ibis” Doodle was born physically handicapped and wasn’t given a name till a few months after he was born. So if you think that Doodle was born the same as someone that was born with perfect health then you are just lying to yourself. Brother had so much pride that in the end he left Doodle in the rain and if caused Doodles weak heart to stop. Doodle would more than likely still be alive if it wasn’t for him being born physically

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