How Do Celebrities Affect Social Norms

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In the world that we live in today, social norms are guidelines that one must behave the way that we are expected to. However, not all norms are understandable and not all norms are irrational, but many of our norms are created by a group of people who attract a great deal of attention from the media. These people are known as celebrities. Furthering along with this statement, these two articles take different approaches toward the same topic in order to explain how these celebrities, who can be either regionally famous or internationally famous, affect the social norms of society. The first of the two articles, the popular article, tackles the topic in a more cursory manner by only stating their sources and not providing any real statistical evidence that saw society being influenced. With that being said, the popular article states that celebrities such as Nicki Minaj or Justin Bieber, both well-known artist, can have a negative influence on the younger generation as they are growing up and they tend to copy the identity of celebrities they admire who act childish or irresponsible. This is what this article focuses on for the most part. Their personal theory includes the idea that the youth use incidents of celebrity media to create their social identity or how they should behave but also, they state that if some…show more content…
This article states the question as Celebrities being significant others to the audience and can be very influential, but can they have such an influence on the activation of norms of just about anybody? Their personal theory includes that if a celebrity, who acts a role model to society, who is untarnished, successful, are generally popular around the public being tested on which gives them this sort of prestige, and endorse a certain message, can in turn activate the endorsed or targeted norm while also increasing related norms as

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