Bueller's Argumentative Essay: The Value Of Life

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Life comes with many challenges and demands, which to some people lead them to forget how to live their life. People get lost under the weight of work and deadlines that they spend their life waiting; waiting for high school to end, then waiting to get a job, waiting to find a true love and then family. This generation and many before spend too much time waiting rather than living. Life should be appreciated more, because if you go to fast, the details will be missed and all that would be seen is a blur. The movie “Ferris Bueller” suggests that life should be lived and time shouldn't be taken for granted, for life is far too short to always live your dreams ‘next time’. Life is an amazing gift, eyes need to be wide open and be prepared to look around, life doesn't last forever, you don't have all the time in world to live it.…show more content…
He lives life as though every day were his last and refuses to miss his chance to see it. On the other hand, Ferris’s best friend, Cameron, doesn't have the same mindset, he doesn't feel like going out and seeing the world, he would prefer staying in bed because of a small cold, or because it’s more comfortable and suitable. This is until Ferris finally get’s him to see in the same light as himself, and shows the amazing things life can offer and how time is limited. Sadly not everyone understands that life is to be lived not just blindly followed, it’s a sad fact to see how many people are walking wide eyed but not seeing anything, sad, because of how important it is to see the

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