Pros And Disadvantages Of Triathlon

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Basic Understanding of 4 Triathlon Distances It does not take a sports fanatic to appreciate the fun and thrill of triathlon. Just watching competitive people swim, bike and run for long distances is exciting enough. There are four main distances in this multiple-stage competition, even though you can find many variations nowadays: Sprint, Olympic, Half-Ironman and Ironman. For a quick understanding of this fascinating competition, let's take a quick look at each distance and understand its pros and cons. After this, you can decide which one to participate in. 1. Sprint Sprints - or mini-triathlons, as they are often called, are relatively quick and short compared to the other three distances. In a sprint, you are required to swim for about…show more content…
What a distance! And you can get a tattoo to brag with other people, which is a nice bonus. Of course, for such a long- distance race, you get to eat properly. But think carefully before you decide to throw yourself into an Ironman triathlon. Yes, it is fantastic but it can also suck the life out of you, especially if you participate in it for the first time. Be prepared to devote hours of training a day and follow a strict eating regime to prepare your body for the challenge ahead. Planning and training for the Ironman can be a nightmare; plus there are high risks of injury too. You will be dead tired by the time you complete your race. Ultimately, which race you choose to participate in depends on how much time you can dedicate for training. Think about your physical fitness and your goal, and then choose the distance based on your goal: are you in just for fun or do you also want to train yourself to become an athlete? And how much budget do you have for training and equipment? Mind you, triathlons can be very addictive; you feel motivated to move up in race distance once you complete a lower

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