Gobindpura Case Study

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Chapter V Struggle of Land Dispossessed in Gobindpura There are a number of cases dealing with land acquisition process in India, such as the case of Singur in West Bengal, Noida in Uttar Pradesh, and Kalinagr in Orissa etc. Dispossessed people in all these cases struggled a lot for compensating their loss or getting their land back. The case of Gobindpura village is not an exception to the norm. The present chapter deals with the struggle being faced by displaced people of village Gobindpura. As per three notifications issued, the total land acquired by Punjab Government for Gobindpura thermal power plant is 880 acres, out of which, 806 acres of land acquired is only of Gobindpura. In last notification, the Punjab Government has acquired 166 acres of land at the village Gobindpura for thermal plant (Jeet, 2011).People of this village were not in favour of land acquisition and they started agitation against land acquisition in the village. There are many reasons behind the land dispossessed people’s agitation against land acquisition. Firstly, the compensation amount they got in place of their acquired land is very less; people are unable to buy another agricultural land with the compensation amount, second reason is concerned with acquisition of 166 acres of land. Owners of this land did not agree with the land acquisition. Thirdly,…show more content…
According to the survey, 85 respondents participated in village dharna and 78 respondents participated at the time of dharna in city. The police arrested many villagers at the time of these dharna’s as demonstrated in the survey, 58 respondents were arrested by police and 37 respondents out of these were sent to jail also. 22 persons out of 37 were jailed for 21 days whereas the other 16 remained in prison for more than one

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