Yui Ritsuko: A Short Story

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Thursday morning, another day for students to go to school. Others unhappy, some exhausted from all-nighters, and a lot excited to meet their friends and classmates again. Kazuo Komuro stood firm while waiting for his girlfriend. He had black, scruffy hair making him look cool with black eyes just like any other normal Japanese. Although he is hard to approach, because of his bad-boy looks, he's not the type of guy who would ignore one's request, especially when it's urgent or important. He's a caring person and a gentleman to top it all off. He was standing at the intersection near the school, where a lot of students pass by. Kazuo greeted the people who he knew or those who greeted him first. He's not popular in his school, but he is famous…show more content…
It's because we were all busy, Sanae-san. I also had to deal with class rep duties." "I studied at the library during morning break. Here... This is the book I borrowed, which peaked my interest, Sanae-chan~" Showing a book from her hands is Yui Ritsuko, the school's number one bookworm. Because of her love and interests for every book, she became a monster in academic studying, earning her the title "Book Monster". Acing every tests and finishing as first in every mock exam and terms at the age of fourteen (now a second year), she is considered as a prodigy among prodigies. She had a straight look, while fixing her eyeglasses once in awhile. Always holds a book with her, which makes her more of a nerd. Her room is a library itself, literary*. Her hair was long black with red eyes, eyes that show comfort, at the same time hatred towards others. She wasn't really strict, but she was conscious instead. Kazuo looked at the two, and listened to their were having a conversation. Sanae nodded in agreement while Yui enthusiastically talked about books she read and found. Sanae's face looked like as if she was disinterested and agreed out of pity. (Wow. Just wow.) Kazuo thought, while seeing his girlfriend savage one of her best friends.

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