Uniform Design Analysis

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A professional image for the front office staff is beneficial to the construction of the specific hotel image in the marketplace. Johnston (1995) states that physical images of the staff facilitate the hotels’ overall aesthetics. “Aesthetic labour”, namely those who know how to deck themselves with decent dressing and make-up together with good-looking appearance, have increasing significance especially in the retail and erhospitality industry for frontline service work (Nickson, Warhurst, & Dutton, 2005). Nickson, Warhurst and Dutton (2005) further notice that “aesthetic labours” even have advantages in the stage of selection during the job recruitment; plus, the aesthetics of labours, in the form of language, dress codes, shape and size of…show more content…
Daniel (1996) notes that uniforms design is the signature of a company’s marketing position, whether being an impressive feature to excel their competitors, how the uniforms blending with the local features act as an indispensable element to determine its industry position and the professional images marked on the guests’ mind. Its value is intangible yet measurable by studying guests’ loyalty and satisfaction levels of their moments of truth towards the designated brands (Mey, Akbar, & Fie, 2006). Therefore, local or regional features embedded in the uniform design and tailoring do impress guests in the way of what airline “brands” they are taking and thus, becoming the exclusive features and identifiable points of the specific…show more content…
Nevertheless, the latest design is more modern mingling with, for male, the Tangzhuang, literally meaning “Chinese suit”; for female, the Cheongsam, the Chinese suit-based tailoring. The current uniform also possesses the features of “Jingdezhen porcelain”, which has long historical values of being a Chinese representative craftmanship. Dang (2017) points out that such a uniform design implies that the airline is possible to change its vision and strategy to become a more internationalized and sophisticated airline brand, meaning to strive to be one of the world most notable and successful carriers to have a uniform to match – corporate, polished and professional. Such a uniform design and tailoring impresses the guests with the imperceptible influence of the uniform design blending Eastern with Western design traditions. Coffey (2017) also notes that along the internationalized development of Hainan Airlines, the uniform permeates subtle meanings of letting the guests who take international flights know China is a modern and trendy country striving for quality service and scale expansion. Chinese-featured embroideries and accessories can create added values to the existing hotel uniforms without wrecking the original creativity and tailoring of the uniform. Uniform design with Chinese-featured

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