Perversity In Chicago

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A Theatrical Analysis of Sexual Perversity in Chicago by David Mamet at the City College Of New York In summary, the play Sexual Perversity in Chicago by David Mamet expresses the thematic problems of communication and lack of intimacy in heterosexual love relationships. The four characters, Dan Shapiro, Bernard Litko, Deborah Soloman, and Joan Webber must all come to terms with the dehumanizing aspects of vulgar language and miscommunication that derail their relationships. This hostile type of communication reveals the lack of intimacy and argumentative nature of life in these two relationships. The play defines the various encounters Dan and Deborah define the miscommunication that leads to resentment and disagreements. More so, one beach scene in which Dan and Bernard illustrates the sexist and vulgar aspects of male behavior, which create a caustic hostility toward their female partners. Throughout the play, there many obscenities and…show more content…
Patino chose to use black barrier/walls behind the actors, which mirrored the black floor in which the actors moved about. More so, the extreme back portions of the stage were also completely blacked out to enhanced the focus on the actors in the forefront. This type of stage set is not atypical of the City College of New York’s stage presentation, but Patino does make use of various furniture and props (beach chairs, coolers, etc.) that provide some semblance of environment in the play. These are important aspects of stage set design, which allow Patino to make more use of the language and physical movement of the actors without being distracted by elaborate room settings or other expanded environmental diversions for the audience. Again, Mamet’s play is based on exposing the vulgarity and dehumanizing language of Chicagoans, which demands a minimalist stage set in which to bring the audience into this

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