Moggar Allan Poe's Short Stories

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In Poe’s short stories, he uses scientific descriptions and rational thought processes to realistically present his imaginative plot. There are multiple stories where Poe uses his characters to go in to deep analysis of the actions within the story or surroundings in the story, and these analysis become scientific descriptions to the reader. Along with the analysis, reasoning before actions or thoughts reoccurs in the stories. The reasoning and analysis give an actuality to Poe’s creative but fabricated short stories. In both “The Murders in the Rue Morgue” and “The Purloined Letter,” Poe uses Dupin to present a methodical and logical input to these seemingly unnatural and fictional short stories. One major rationalization in “The Murders…show more content…
The narrator thinks through his actions and he begins with trying to find the dimensions of the room he wakes up in. He starts to pace for his special awareness then finds a wall, and from there he sets out to find the dimensions of the room (Poe 255). After coming back to his starting point “there were in all, then, a hundred paces; and, admitting two paces to the yard, [he] presumed the dungeon to be fifty yards in circuit” (256). This description of how he found the supposed dimensions is scientific. He thinks he has measured out the dimensions of the room close to exact, and the numbers are mathematical which pertains to science. Later the narrator wakes up from sleeping and “[he] found by [his] side, as before, a loaf and a pitcher of water. A burning thirst consumed [him], and [he] emptied the vessel at a draught. It must have been drugged---for scarcely had [he] drank, before [he] became irresistibly drowsy” (258). The drugging of the narrator is also a scientific element that plays a role in the story. Drugs are made with chemicals which is associated with science, and their use of drugs creates a turning point in the story. After he is drugged he awakes tied down with the pendulum approaching him with time. The narrator describes, “The surcingle enveloped my limbs and body close in all directions--- save in the path of the destroying crescent”…show more content…
The narrator witnesses the disaster that happens daily and describes it as being “in a circle or more than a mile in diameter” (231). The fact that the Maelstrom appears daily and is that large seems to be an imaginative exaggeration, but Poe uses the unit of measurement, such as, the mile, to make the description of this massive whirlpool realistic. Later the old man describes his descent and says, “Round and round we swept---not with any uniform movement---but in dizzying swings and jerks, that sent us sometimes only a few yards---sometimes nearly the complete circuit of the whirl. Our progress downward, at each revolution, was slow, but very perceptible” (245). Poe is using the old man’s scientific terms, such as, uniform and revolution, along with measurements again to present the plot. As the old man describes his descent he says he observed three

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