Reflection Of Rationale: Pages In 'Lord's Brassett'

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Rationale: Pages (57- 64) For our presentation my group chose act 2. We felt that this part of the story portrayed many elements and romance that added to the story, that we wanted to express. This act also achieved adding humor to this adoration from these characters. This is when all the characters plan to tell their loved feelings to their loved ones. To show emotion with this much feeling would be of a challenge as we will have to execute many deep and affectionate emotions such as: love, passion, humor, and many more intense feelings. This is an important part of the book as the main part of the story is about asking their loved ones to marry them and the truth starts to unfold from this point, so it’s important to the audience as well as the characters in the book. Reflection: For Brassett:…show more content…
He intervenes when asked and throughout the book is the type of person to sit down and think till someone asks for something. He is a old butler who from a long time has been Jack’s personal friend and servant. But there are two sides of Brassett, the first is being the man butler, but the second is one we rarely see but it’s the dreamy and humorous guy behind the mask of being Brassett. The funny guy who would never joke about Jack in front of him, but will think of hilarious jokes and this is shown from the beginning art were Brassett is shown thinking about the turn of

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