Why Did The World Trade Center Collapse

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On September 11, 2001 the collapse of the twin towers (WTC), was a unexpected and historical event which the complete destruction of the immense buildings had left everyone in shock. Due to that event there is a global speculation based on what was the main reason for the towers to plummet down. According the article "Why Did the World Trade Center Collapse? Science, Engineering, and Speculation” by Thomas W. Eagar and Christopher Musso , states the towers collapse due to the insufficient structure of the building,the fire temperature/melting steel, and the way how the building collapse. In the article it mentions that the towers were build and design in mid- 1960`s to the early 1970`s. But based on that information Thomas W. Eagar and Christopher Musso , states “…we have attempted to quantify various details of the collapse.” They were able to analyze the impact damage of the plane to the towers columns, the steel strength and distortion due the fires, and the way how the towers collapse. One of the reasons for the towers to crash down is due to the weak design and structure of the building.…show more content…
Prior to the World Trade Center with its lightweight perimeter tube design, most tall buildings contained huge columns on 5 m centers and contained massive amounts of masonry carrying some of the structural load. The WTC was primarily a lightweight steel structure; however, its 244 perimeter columns made it “one of the most redundant and one of the most resilient”

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