Tyranny In Iran

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for the ruling class. The concentration camps are horrible. They are unsanitary and they don’t feed the people. There are 200,000 to 220,000 people in the camps right now. Whereas, Iran’s government system is very similar to the United States but it’s considered tyrannical because of the way they treat their people. Their restrictions and punishments violate the international human rights norms. They have harsh penalties for crimes, punishment of ‘victimless crimes’ (such as fornication and homosexuality) execution of offenders under the age 18, restrictions of freedom of religion, speech, and press, and gender equality. Tyranny is still similar to how it was two hundred years ago. The difference is now we have technology and social media so a ruler has less opportunity to…show more content…
There is always suspicion that the government is secretly planning deceiving the people. We are constantly questioning the government. When the new health care law “Obama care” came out there was a lot of controversy over the subject. It was supposedly not passed through legislation and there was questioning over whether or not it was a tyrannical act. The big question was “What’s next?” Are we going to be made to buy certain cars, go to college or the military, live in certain houses? America was founded because people wanted to be treated equal and have unalienable rights. Our people have every right to fear tyranny. It is not a joke. The examples I gave from North Korea and Iran are primary examples. Tyranny could potentially destroy a whole country, or a whole population like Hitler displayed. In a time of fear and confusion there is going to be someone who stands up out of the crowd and takes advantage of the people’s vulnerability. Someone that seems like they know what they are doing and has a voice can capture just about anyone’s attention. That is why knowledge is very

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