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The Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) is a terrorist group that began to take over the Middle East. They have become one of the biggest and most brutal groups in the world. They captured and behead prisoners, placed them in dog cages while burning them alive, and torture them to death. They even go so far to crucify them and display them on the internet, like YouTube, for the world to see. As of today, nobody really knows what caused ISIS, although, many believe it was during the dictatorship of Osama Bin Laden, after he fallen, or the constant ongoing wars in the Middle East from the jihadis and the Kharijites. Many support ISIS because of their religion or because a caliphate brought under sharia law. ISIS forced over 30,000 Christians…show more content…
Osama bin Laden thought of sending his best warriors, to fight against the northern alliance, the US would restrict its counterattack to an aerial bombardment and wouldn’t send soldiers to Afghanistan. The invasion in Iraq produced another gap for the jihadis to prosper. After the annihilation of Saddam Hussein’s tyranny, it conducted a mass of forces to rival each other on behalf of the Sunnis or the Shi’ites. One group, founded by Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, al-Tawhid Wal-Jihad was one of many Islam’s paramilitaries who fought against the American invasion who were later defeated by the Iraqi army and died at the hands of the Sunni group. Zarqawi was sent to prison, which led his role to rise when he took leadership of the Salafi-jihadi prisoners. He was soon released from prison and accompanied by the Jordan secret service to be flown to Afghanistan, where he had meetings with bin Laden. Essentially, he left the capital of the ‘Arab Afghans’, Kandahar, with followers in Herat province to structure his individual training camp to commence war against his homeland. He later left for northern Iraq, where he insisted on fighting against Arab government, but was killed by a US

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