American Imperialism In George Orwell's 1984

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In the course textbook, ‘Introduction to International and Global Studies’, I learnt that the shape of one’s reality is based on the interpretations of the stories individuals have heard and the history behind them, whether propaganda or scripture. We witnessed the illustration of how historical context was able to shape the way information was presented during the times of revolution and struggle in Brazil and Iran. Brazil’s ablution from the tyranny of colonialism is similar to that of what you would expect to see in George Orwell’s ‘1984’, as a preventative of the likely abolishment of the big brother movement. Whereas, Iran in the year 1979 can be considered to be a depiction of what the beginning of the inner party, big brother takeover would look like.…show more content…
The Jamaican government portrayed in ‘Life and Debt’ I feel were completely different from the likes of Brazil and Iran, they were so foreign to this concept not just because they did not want to but because they could not. The reformation of history and the infrastructure of cities would have caused them insurmountable debts that they would not have been able to pay off ultimately putting them in a worse position than they already are in. The movie provided a glimpse of the post-colonial turmoil a country could end up facing, especially in the scenes towards the end where mayhem and chaos broke out due to the outrage of the Jamaican

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