The Influence Of Oswald To Mickey Mouse

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Disney has come a long way from Oswald to Mickey Mouse. Who is Oswald? Oswald the Lucky Rabbit was Disney’s first character animation. He is Mickey Mouse with longer ears, and instead of a long tail he had a puffy tail, but due to ownership struggles Disney lost Oswald. Influenced by physical comedians like Buster Keaton Disney takes his “Oswald” idea and makes it even bigger. He created Oswald’s replacement, Mickey Mouse. Mickey Mouse began as a mouse with big dreams, but has misfortune with going about it. The first short with Mickey was “Plane Crazy” and it gave a cartoon some personality, but didn’t do well. The second short “Gallopin’ Gaucho” was Disney’s second attempt, but it failed. The third short was Disney’s most successful at the time and it was “Steamboat Willie”.…show more content…
According to Robert Skylar Steamboat Willie helped the “industry’s transition from silence to sound…”(pg 199). Unlike the Jazz Singer, the first all-talkie was “The Lights of New York” which helped influence Steamboat Willie because the short had sound throughout it all. The Jazz Singer had sound, but it still used cue cards when there wasn’t sound. Steamboat Willie had (Thompson & Bordwell pg 178). The short didn’t have any dialogue, but the music flowed with the fluid movements. It still had the physical comedy aspect, but the music was kind of added sound effects to the story which helped amplify the action and

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