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Images are considered as one of the most important medium of conveying information, in the field of computer vision. The information extracted from images can be used for other tasks for example: navigation of robots and detection of cancer cells. Now there is a need of a method to understand images and extract information or objects, image segmentation fulfil the above requirements. Thus, image segmentation is the first step in image analysis. Some time image denoising is done before the segmentation to avoid from the false contour selection [46]. The components of image segmentation are Image sensor, Digitizer, Processor, Display unit and Hard copier. 1.2.1 Image Segmentation Segmentation subdivides an image into its constituent regions…show more content…
Class-based criteria play an important role in image segmentation to improve the results of computer vision segmentation algorithms [11].The level to which the segmentation is done depends on the problem being solved. For example:- in the automated inspection of electronic assemblies , interest lies in analysing images of the product with the objectives of determine the presence or absence of specific anomalies. The goal of segmentation is to simplify and change the representation of an image into something new that is more meaningful and easier to analyse. Image segmentation is typically used to locate objects and boundaries in an image…show more content…
Two different technologies photochemical and photo electronic are most common. Photochemical methods have the advantage of combining image formation and recording on a single entity called Photographic film. Photo electronic methods on other hand separate the recording process from image formation and detection. However, in the second method, recorded image can be converted more easily to a form which is suitable to computer processing. The devices used as image sensors range from still camera to multispectral scanner on board in satellites

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