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Introduction. Different types of businesses have different types of purpose. For the private sector I have chosen Tesco. Their company ownership type is Public Limited Company. That means that the company’s stock can be developed by anyone and that holders are only limited to lose the amount paid for the shares. The reason why they are a PLC is because of their "mammoth" size. Tesco PLC is one of the largest retailers in the world that was found in 1919 in East London. The first Tesco was opened as a drink and food store. Now they are retail all types of product including internet services, clothes, electronics etc. Tesco has become so big that it now have their stores in 13 countries. Because Tesco doesn’t produce the products they are in…show more content…
More affected would be owners because if the company will bankrupt the owners would have to sell most of their stores and goods to pay off debts that they had. Tesco’s main purpose is to make value for customers and to earn their lifetime loyalty. Their main aim is to provide products and services cheap and affordable to the customers. Tesco’s aim is to make it the most respected business by the communities that they operate in, their shareholders and of course by the customers that they serve. Also they want to offer new ideas, product or service every time. Tesco's objectives are to develop their sales and market share, to maximise the sales, to make Tesco number one retail company in the UK, and also they want to be better than their competitors and stay the market leader. Tesco Ownership is owned by certain partners, its owned by thousands of people. They are owned by shareholders who fund…show more content…
Employees are internal stakeholders who are important for the business to make the company successful. Suppliers These stakeholders can be businesses and individuals which supply products and services to the company. Individual local supplier for Tesco can be a farmer which provides to the company for example potatoes, apples, strawberries etc. Other Suppliers that they have are from abroad, such as supplying food from other countries for example from Poland. Customers Tesco have thousands of customers who do their shopping in Tesco. They have verity types of customers such as occasional customers who come to the shop at the time when they near the store; loyal customers who do shopping in Tesco very often in their stores, tourists, disability people, and male and female etc. Customers are the main stakeholders for the company. Government British government runs the economy, which means the government has an effect on how do Tesco goes.

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