Unit 5 Assignment 1 Web Security Analysis

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Contents Task 1 1 Critically evaluate the functions and advantages of web applications. 1 Task 2 2 Critically compare different types of server side and client side scripting language. 2 Task 3 4 Examine web security concerns and make recommendations for security improvements. 4 Task 4 5 Design a web application to meet a given requirement 5 Task 5 11 Synthesize user and administration functionality in a web application 11 Task 6 13 Apply a database design for use in a web application 13 Task 7 14 Evaluate alternative designs and solutions to meet a given requirement. 14 References: 16 Task 1 Critically evaluate the functions and advantages of web applications. In this Task I am going to choose BreatheHR. It is one of the Human Resource…show more content…
And they will also require to update their personal computer security to guarantee the protection from outside network attacks. Task 4 Design a web application to meet a given requirement Functional Specifications Overview The purpose of this is to serve the client request, which is to develop an intranet portal for TESCO Company. Project scope involved are to gather related information to start the project, goals, stakeholders and deadlines. Basically the goal is to have the user-friendly intranet website portal for the employees with the deadlines of this project of one month. The stakeholders involve are project manager, CEO of TESCO Company, project team members and employees of TESCO company. Product Description and Functional Capabilities The project is carry out to meet the expectation and request of the client, this is to set up an intranet website portal for the employees to access to perform various task related to their job.it is a safe and secure intranet portal which is not involve external internet. The software will be able to perform functions as stated below. • System administration & User Roles • Personal Information Management (PIM) • Leave/Time off…show more content…
Features available for employees are such to view the latest news on the home page, participating in forums discussion regarding their departments or works stuff, requesting vacations leave via online, submitting expenses claims online, sharing document among employees, updating their personalization including name, department, ID and more. And finally they can access to view their work attendance. Procedures It is simple and easy to follow the procedures for this intranet website. If a new employee were to sign up, the admin will be giving his/her login account. Later they can login using normal procedures and start to update their personal information under the personalization sites. Basically they can manage their profile just as verify email address, reset password, change profile picture, etc. After everything is completed, the new user can access as a normal user that can view latest news and features that is set up specifically for users use.

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