Who Are The Key Stakeholders In Tesco's

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Groups of people that have interest in a business organisation are called stakeholders. Theses groups can be either external or internal to the organisation. Any kind of business organisation must take the decisions of its stakeholders. It’s also important that a business organisation has clear communication with its stakeholders. There should be a good relationship with them as well. There are 6 keys stakeholders within a business organisation. 1. Owners 2. Employees/staff 3. Customers 4. Suppliers 5. Community 6. Government Tesco’s:- Owner: The owners of Tesco’s is the key part of the company this is because the business organisation won’t be able to operate, gain profit and expand without them. The owner’s interest is to have success in the business, making sure that employees/staff are happy. Furthermore if a business organisation had no owners the whole organisation would completed be unsuccessful. Therefore within a business organisation like Tesco’s is it important to have managers so then the company would run smoothly, able to expand and make profit as well. The owners influences the manager to make different decision to maintain the company. Employees/Staff: The employees in Tesco’s is one of the vital sector…show more content…
The government’s key interests are to do with making sure the store is operating legally, tax receipts and jobs. They can influence Tesco in many ways, such as giving them permission to open another store. Tax rates which is placed by the government can affect the business costs. The government can also affect Tesco is interest rates, when the government decides to increase interest rates, the cost of the business borrowing money will rise and can cause customers to spend less, which would affect

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