Kukri Knife

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The Kukri has become synonymous with the Gurkha soldiers from Nepal. The earliest record of the weapon is from 1627, with the design remaining unchanged over the centuries. An average Kukri is between 14-16 inches in length with a steel blade and a wooden, bone or metal curved handle. Origianlly made by the Nepalese Kami clan of blacksmiths, the curved knife is also commonly used by hill farmers in the Himalayas and is handed down between generations. The design is a perfect balance of weight, which allows the full force of movement to be transferred to the blade. The distinctive indentation stops blood running down the handle. It is a powerful symbol of the relationship between Nepal and the UK and is used as the emblem of the…show more content…
It’s capable of both chopping and slashing. The blade of this knife bends towards its opponents. To chop, a user does not have to angle their wrist. Because the kukri has a heavy center mass, it slices as it chops. The edge of the knife will slide across a target’s surface and the center mass allows it to keep up its momentum as the blade moves through a cross section. As a weapon, the kukri will cut deeply and could even penetrate the bone. Reasons the Kukri is a Popular Utility Knife The kukri is a popular utility knife because it has many purposes in the field or at home. It can be used by builders, clearing paths, chopping firewood, digging in the ground, cutting up game, harvesting vegetables, and even skinning animals. It’s often used as a farm and household tool. When Kukri knives are shipped to their new owners, they are blunt. Shipping the knives blunt allows them to be sold as replicas and makes the process safer. The metal at the base of these knives is very thick. There’s no way to determine how sharp you should make the edge; it’s just up to the owner to decide how sharp they want it. If you want a sharp edge along the entire length of the knife, you can. If you’re worried about slippage, you can opt to leave the bottom dull and sharpen it towards the

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