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Types of Entrepreneurs Definition: An Entrepreneur is a person who has a role of an industrialist and forms an organization for the commercial use. He is a change agent who transforms the demand into supply by forecasting the needs of the society. an entrepreneur is an initiator, a challenger and a driver. An entrepreneur is someone creates a new one company or a business. Entrepreneur is the beginning or sometime end of a venture, project or a activity.an entrepreneur is thus not idea creates, but differently the one that decides to make that ideas a reality. Types of Entrepreneurs • Innovative Entrepreneur: These are the ones who invent the new ideas, new products, new production methods or processes, discover potential markets and reorganize the company’s structure. These are the industry leaders and contribute significantly towards the economic development of the country. The innovative entrepreneurs have an unusual foresight to recognize the demand for goods and services. They are always ready to take a risk because they enjoy the excitement of a challenge, and every challenge has some risk associated with it. Raton Tata is said to be an innovative entrepreneur, who launched the Tata Nana car…show more content…
This type of entrepreneur fasting information about talks in to the innovators. These do not make any innovations by themselves; they just imitate the technology, processes, methods pioneered by others. Is an entrepreneur always immediately problem solving of innovation entrepreneurs. These entrepreneurs are found in the places where there is a lack of resources or industrial base due to which no new innovations could be made. Thus, they are suitable for the underdeveloped regions where they can imitate the combinations of inventions already well established in the developed regions, in order to bring a boom in their

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