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1. Background Purpose • Analyse the market where TBTC operates; Market segmentation, Total number of charities. • Determine the current and future trends for; Funds, Media, Volunteers • Clarify three direct and three indirect competitors • Compare competitors, and find strengths and weaknesses in accordance to TBTC • Competitive comparison • Competitive advantage of TBTC • Recommendations to enhance the position of TBTC and cash flow. 1.1. Methodology Interviewing In order to get an internal and external primary data of the project objectives in-depth, the client and employees have been interviewed. This was achieved by asking structured questions. Customer Surveys Collecting a quantitative survey both online and offline with participants has also helped to gather primary data. The purpose is to understand an average donor, the motivations and needs of the donors (general public) to choose a charity and donate to them. Hence, to find the right target and a gap…show more content…
Funding pioneering research to find new treatments, improve understanding, increase survival rates and bring us closer to a cure. Raising awareness of the symptoms and effects of brain tumours, to reduce diagnosis times. Providing support and information for those who has been affected to improve quality of life. The value of TBTC is to support its own culture, and do what they believe in. Especially: Pioneering (seeking new ways to get a result, being at the forefront of brain tumour funding pioneering with innovative research approaches). Passionate (every single person will receive the highest quality of life and chance of survival). Collaborative (building networks, partnerships and a strong brain tumour community). Smart (strong approach in research, providing accurate, relevant and appropriate information and learning on mistakes to improve the charity). 1.3. Target
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