Ageing Population In Singapore Essay

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Singapore is a beautiful city which have been made possible by people of all different races. Countries like Africa have diamonds, Middle East have oil, even our neighbouring countries Malaysia have palm oil and rubber plantation. For Singapore our only nature resources are people. Sadly, according to the United Nation World Population Prospects(UNWPP) Singapore will become a super-aged society by 2026, which by then out of five people one of them will be of the age of 65 or above. Half of the population will be 44.9 years old by 2026 as of July 2015 UNWPP. Long ago we had birth rates so high that it’s hard to have even enough resources to feed ourselves but now we have hardly enough to replace ourselves. “Between 1965 and this year, Singapore’s population grew from 1.9…show more content…
In fact, the Transfers to Households category (i.e. Social Benefits), of which pensions and health are major components, has accounted for nearly two-thirds of the increase in the total Government expenditure to GDP ratio in the Community since 1970. Pensions and health care expenditure combined represents roughly 1/3 of all Government expenditure.” (K. MC MORROW & W. ROEGER, pg 15) with government putting in more many to fund each time become a more and more major economy problem as will be lack of money for all this services due to the pressure on government as there are fewer people are working so taxes are reducing leading to a political problem as government will force the people that are working to pay more taxes. At the end may lead to a social effect of having protest on tax rates or even civil war as the government will have to let more and more young and middle age immigrants come in to ease the economic

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