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How transport accidents can be prevented Introduction Transport accidents are considerd as one of the most causes that lead to take of a lot of lives each year, too many injuries and considerable economic problems . This report will examine this problem and focus on finding the best solution to it . 1 - Background The reason why transport accidents are considered as one of the worst disasters will be illustrated in the figure ( 1 ) below . The figure shows the number of transport accidents for women and men in all over the world . As it noted that the vast majority of accidents are caused by drivers whose ages are between…show more content…
( WORLEY ) Figure ( 1 ) 2- Solutions . A-Developing new technologies in vehicles. There is a new technology called driver assistance system. l This system gives the vehicles electronic brains contain artificial intelligence that allow them to contribute in a big way to avoid accidents . According to the expert Doug Newcomb this system works by Observing the movement of drivers eyes using the infrared camera on the steering column. If the system senses that the driver is moving away from the road for a certain period of time it gives a warning to alert . drivers to control the situation and back to their track Furthermore many of the developers of this program aspire to achieve their noble goal which allows to the artificial mind of the vehicle to simulate the minds of the drivers , therefore drivers will be able to control these vehicles by using their brains only , but what makes this system distinctive is obeying traffic laws , even if the driver wants to violate the laws , this system will prevent him and so a lot of accidents will decrease significantly and thus reduce the number of injuries and deaths . Figure ( 2 )shows how this device works. (Newcomb) Figure ( 2…show more content…
Texting, speaking and abusing of narcotic substances while driving and driving in unreasonable way are the most common forms of negligence while driving . (Smith) A study shows that drinking alcohol to illegal limit slows drivers reaction by over than 20 percent and it also shows that texting can also retarding reaction times by nearly 40 percent , but carrying mobile phones and use them to speak still the most dangerous one .The radical solution to this problem is by following the same strategy pursued by United Kingdom which is increasing of punishments and fines . For example penalties for using mobile phone while driving has doubled several times over the past years in the United Kingdom , and sometimes the punishment leads to prevent the person who has been arrested from driving for a year , and for those who are caught driving under the influence of alcohol or any substance abuse , they should be prevented from driving until paying a major violation and pledge not to repeat the same thing , otherwise they would be barred from driving for a long time .By Applying these conditions and sanctions the

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