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1. Introduction Kuala Lumpur – The capital and largest city in Malaysia, which is a federal constitutional monarchy located in the Southeast Asia. Kuala Lumpur is a developed city which has the basic tourism resources and physical size about 243 square kilometres. As for 2014, Kuala Lumpur has estimated 1.73 million population made up by three ethnic groups including the Malays, the Chinese and the Indians (Department of Statistics Malaysia, 2015), it makes Kuala Lumpur become a multi-ethnic and multi-cultural city. As the capital city of Malaysia, the official language is Bahasa Malaysia, and English is a recognised language since it has been controlled by British before its independence. Since 1957, the Malaysia independence and Kuala Lumpur became a capital of Malaysia, after that, the development of Kuala Lumpur rapid emerging, many of infrastructures has been built. In fact, Tourism is not the main contributor to the Kuala Lumpur’s economy. As for 2013, tourism industry contributed 13.1% in Gross Domestic Product to the whole Malaysia, and most important contributors are Retail (49.3%) and Accommodation service (14.9%) (Department of Statistics Malaysia, 2014). In 2013, it attracted 8.5 million international tourist arrivals. Since Kuala…show more content…
value of money), the image of the destination and the culture (e.g. lifestyles). In regard to the value of money of Kuala Lumpur, when compare with the Bangkok and Singapore, it is much cheaper, it Kuala Lumpur, the average spend per tourist is only USD450 and Bangkok is USD792, Singapore is USD1147 (MasterCard, 2015). Moreover, the image of the destination can means the safety issue, unique experience can provide to the visitors. However, the crime and safety is the most common negative comments from the visitors to the Kuala Lumpur and most of the positive comment is descried Kuala Lumpur as a great shopping

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