Tomorrow When The War Began

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Tomorrow, When the War Began, written by Australian author John Marsden, is set in an Australian country town, Wirrawee and a hidden sanctuary in the Australian bush called ‘Hell’. This novel tells the story of a group of teenagers camping and return to find that their town is invaded and fight the enemies with guerrilla tactics. The themes of war, growing up, love, survival, friendship, and change are explored in the novel, which highlight the author’s point of view on ‘Lives can be changed [that] quickly’ pg. 105 and that teenagers can possess strength, powerful characterises. The main themes highlighted in this passage friendship love and change This passage is set in the middle of the novel, when Fi and Ellie are waiting for the signal from Homer and Lee to drive the truck underneath the bridge. Prior to this moment in the storyline the group of teenagers have decided to fight back to make a difference. They have planned to destroy the bridge by putting a petrol truck on fire to explode. This is a turning point when the teenagers become solders and a want to make significant change. By destroying the bridge the enemies cannot intrastate the neighbouring towns. This is an important part of the text because it proves that through hardship that teenager’s…show more content…
‘Fi [has] become totally infatuated with Homer.’ Fiona is thinking about having a future together as wife and husband with Homer. The change of Homer’s attitude and actions was the main topic throughout the text. Fiona and Homer’s change of attitude towards each other still amazes Ellie. The use of similes exaggerates what opposites Fi and Homer. However Fiona and Homer both developed since the war, allows them to be compatible. Fiona was developed determination she never knew she had and Homer has transformed into a mature logical leader, which allowed him to have ‘good ideas and [you’ve make the group] do things [they] wouldn’t have done without
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