Tomorrow When The War Began By John Marsden

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Themes in Tomorrow When the War Began Themes John Marsden’s Tomorrow When the War Began is the story of seven teenagers who return from a camping trip to find their home town had been invaded. Marsden has used settings, characterization and narrative perspective to revel the main themes of survival in war, self-discovery and relationships. He used these techniques successfully to display these themes. The author, John Marsden uses settings successfully to revel the theme of survival in war. One of the key locations in the book is Hell. It is very well used as it is away and hidden from the war zone in Warrawee. The teenagers use this location as a hide-out from the soldiers which helps them to stay alive. On page 4, Marsden writes, Hell is what’s on the other side of Tailor’s stich, a cauldron of boulders and trees. He later writes, “It’s probably the start of world war three,’ said Lee. “We’ve probably been invaded and don’t even know”…show more content…
‘We’re so cut off here.” These examples show how cut-off from the world Hell is and how tucked away it is from the city, keeping them safe and alive. Marsden also uses characterization successfully to revel the theme of self-discovery. Homer, a main character in the book, changes from a person who doesn’t really care about anything to find he is a natural leader. All of the characters in the book discovery something about themselves throughout the book. On page 138 Marsden writes “Homer are you on something?” “Sorry?” “You keep acting like this, you’ll lose your reputation. Aren’t you meant to be a wild and crazy guy?” He also writes, we were starting to realise Homer’s leadership. He also wrote about Fi’s self-discovery, how she had developed the ability to do things without being told with less hesitation then at the start of the book. These examples show that Homer and Fi have discovered they can do things or act in ways they didn’t know they

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