African American Heroes Vs Obama Heroes Essay

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Introduction Heroes, in most cases, transform their personal virtues into civic or heroic actions and in so doing, offer themselves for the service of humanity. The definition of a hero has been constantly redefined with the changing in the perception and culture. Heroes have been an essential part of any nation, and every person admires them for their honorable mission. A network of people or an individual can be considered a hero for performing an action on behalf of the needy or for defending the moral course. Therefore, this research will consider Barrack Obama and Abraham Lincoln as two important inspirational and political heroes who have some similarities and differences. Further, the research will emphasize on how Barrack Obama is more inspiration than Abraham Lincoln. What Makes Barrack Obama and Abraham Lincoln Heroes Barack is USA's current president, first African-American to…show more content…
Obama won the heart of the people by creating hope of a better tomorrow during crisis. The campaign tag line was, "Yes We Can," while Lincoln won the election by showing people he was ordinary and down to earth. Lincoln confidently spoke against a prior president's move toward Mexican-American War. Obama is also a great supporter of peace, and he spoke against the Iraq War. Lincoln made a foreign policy that prevents other countries from intervening in Civil War while Obama introduced a health-care plan, which is known as Affordable Care Act to support the public in the economic crisis. Further, Lincoln made the decision to fight to end slavery and prevent the nation from splitting apart. On the other hand, Obama is currently performing a crucial part in the war to fight terrorism and helped in killing Osama bin Laden, an infamous al-Qaeda leader, Osama bin

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