How Does Walter Lee's Life Relate To The American Dream

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Walter Lee reality is the true definition of the struggle to survive while having to take of his family while living in his mother’s house. This story takes place in Southside Chicago sometime between the World War 2 and the present. One of Walter’s struggles is actually being able to provide for his family the right way. Another one of Walter’s struggle is being accepted in society like all Americans feel sometimes, some citizens have this problem now. Walter Lee life relates to the American dreams by different ways like having dream to open his own liquor store to support his family further than what he can do now. Walter Lee’s way for providing for his family is kind of iffy because his family doesn’t totally back him up. Walter dream was to become an owner of a liquor store of his own with his wife Ruth and sister Beneatha not agreeing with it. Today American have dreams that are way out of reach from the life that they are living, but yet they still wake up every day striving to achieve that dream. Walter barley gets money to even buy presents for his mother and all the family chips in. In the passage Mama says” This is the first present I ever got” the family bought her garden tools and Travis the son Walter Lee bought her a Hat which made her very happy. Even through the struggles Walter is still able to make his family and keep them safe.…show more content…
Walter Lee is a Husband, a Father, a Brother, and a Son, having a family is enough responsibility especially being

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