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Joshua Zeitz takes you by the hand and walks you through the 1920’s in his book, “Flapper”. It is a bit confusing how he introduces the critical characters of the era, but it is also very detailed. His omnipresent description of the era is fascinating and complex. His novel titled “Flapper”, but he not only explains who she was and what she did, he also gives us a look at the world around her and how it influenced her. He gives a first look at the female revolution , that created the women we see now. What a world it was back then, when you could live care free. When people lived by the motto “Eat, drink & be merry, for tomorrow we die”. But along with all this care-free lifestyle came the disapproval from their parents. The 1920's were a time for reform after the US involvement in WWI. The people wanted to put it behind them as if it had never happened. They did this with mass consumption of alcohol, sex, cigarettes and everything else the media sold. In addition to the female revolution, there were a few others. There was the technological revolution that introduced electricity, radio, automobile, mass media. And there was also a social revolution which gave way to new dances, music and clothing. With the advantages the world offered, life was bound to change. 19-year-old Eugenia Kelly was…show more content…
He was the expert in everything and anything you needed to know about the flapper. He also stated that his wife Zelda was the “quintessential flapper”. She had the looks, style and personality that made her the poster child for the flapper. Their relationship was , he was the expert and she was the example, they took hold of the helm that was the flapper and in the end, sank with their ship like good captains do. As the Great depression rolled in after the stock market crash, the partying and basking in the finer things in life ended and along with it the

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