Tom Robinson Trial

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“To Kill a Mockingbird” by Harper Lee reveals an aspect of a small fictional town of Maycomb, Alabama set in the 1940’s during the years of the Great Depression. The novel reflects the ideas of conscience, courage and conviction through the story of two young children Jem and Scout growing up with their unconventional father Atticus, a small town lawyer. The novel is concerned with a series of events and experiences from which Scout and Jem observe and evaluate a series of situations and valuable lessons told through the innocent and intimate perspective of Scout looking back on her childhood and her journey to maturity through out the novel. The novel evolves around the ideas of conscience, courage and conviction which are told throughout…show more content…
Justice and injustice is a major theme that reflects the notion of conviction, throughout the novel Lee focusses on trying to expose the injustice in the white’s treatment of blacks through Tom’s situation which focusses on the lack of fairness the white have to the blacks in the town. What makes the Tom Robinson an injustice trial is that Tom robinson is a black man, with the jury being made up of white people and the verdict has already been made up before they enter the courtroom as of their strong belief against black men. “Miss Maudie, can’t serve on the jury because she’s a woman,” this shows social discrimination and unjustness in the jury system and proves that the trial is not fair, and Tom is not being given a fair say. Rapid dialogue and motif is used by Lee in the courtroom scene to emphasise the way the jury set upon Tom, like an attack on an innocent mockingbird.The all-white jury shows the idea of conviction by proving Tom Robinson guilty after ignoring the evidence presented by Atticus and sentencing him based on their beliefs. Conviction can also be seen through the theme of justice, Atticus Finch is an example of someone who is fair by defending Tom Robinson a black man, the theme of justice doesn’t only display the ideas and beliefs of conviction but it also helps, Scout mature and understand the lack of fairness and equality around her. Justice could also be seen through the character of Atticus, who receives a high regard from the black community after the trial, for his conviction and motivation towards Tom being found

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