Essay Comparing Road Not Taken And Mending Wall

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Both The Road Not Taken and Mending Wall, by Robert Frost, the author uses imagery, symbolism as well as imagery throughout the poem. The speaker is out for an autumn walk and approaches – Two roads diverged in a yellow wood (Line 1). The two roads the speaker comes across would be the symbol for choices or decisions. Frost intentionally meant for the two roads to stand as decisions or choices. Throughout the poem questions are unanswered, referring to that people are left to wonder. The poem will eventually lead you to the conclusions such as “taking different roads in life”, “being individual”, or even “finding one’s own road in life” (Fagan, Deirdre). These are all complexities that may make the author seem disappointed in the road he chose or because he couldn’t take both roads. The focus is viewed as the choice of life, however, having to choose is ultimately important throughout the poem. Conclusively the author may have had to make a choice at one point in his life and it had effect on their life. Similarly, in these two poems nature is a figure which includes a moment of interaction between a natural subject and phenomenon. Similar to The Road Not Taken, The Mending Wall focuses on the importance of man-made…show more content…
Both expresses the idea that being engaged with nature leads to more growth and knowledge. While frost portrays the belief of being an individual and making choices your own is important in “The Road Not Taken”, moreover, he focuses on mending a wall for the will of him and his neighbor’s relationship. There’s not much of a difference between the two of these poems; their images of security, individuality, communication, etc. all corresponds with their ambivalent titles. The speakers in both poems learn throughout nature which proves the theory that nature itself does not provide answers

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