Tom Robinson Trial Essay

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The trial of Tom Robinson was extremely racist and narrow-minded. When the jury was deciding it just came down to black vs. white. In spite of this Atticus made great points and painted a very clear picture of the alleged ‘crime.’ The first person called to the stand was Sherriff Heck Tate. Mr. Ewell called him first when he ‘saw’ Tom raping Mayella. When I was reading this I was wondering throughout his entire time on the stand why he didn’t call a doctor. If he had thought Mayella had been badly hurt and raped then why would he not be concerned enough to make sure she was actually all right. The other thing I was thinking about was if being Atticus’ friend was going to influence his answers but I think he was a good enough man to not be…show more content…
Ewell and Mayella. I could not believe their testimonies! They were both outright lying. Mr. Ewell was very angry and attempting to prejudice the crowd and jury! He stirred up the crowd and tried to make the trial even more unfair than it already was. As well, to top it off they were both extremely racist and rude to everyone around them. Tom Robinson was the next person to testify. Throughout his entire time on the stand he seemed earnest and humble. This point was proved when Mr. Link Deas stood up and vouched for Tom even when he was not allowed to. I was extremely happy when he said all those nice things about Tom and just thought he was so kind but it was disappointing when the judge told the jury to disregard what Mr. Deas just said. This part of the trial was great and really helped Atticus build his case. I can certainly understand why Dill felt sick when he saw the blatantly racist proceedings at the trial. Dill hasn’t seen this so extremely before and is rightly worried. When the kids run into Mr. Dolphus he seems very nice and vanished all the images of him the kids may have had in their heads. When they are talking I felt that maybe Dill will grow up to do something important and change the world to help
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