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To Kill A Mocking Bird During the early nineteen-thirties the south had laws called the Jim Crow laws .The Jim Crow laws were racial segregated state and local laws enacted in the southern part of the United States (Wikipedia). In the past, in the court of law if an African American male or female was accused of a crime by a white person they were considered guilty. In the story “To Kill A Mocking Bird” by Harper Lee, there was an incident that occurred. In the City of Maycomb County an African American male name Tom Robinson was accused of raping Bob Ewell’s nineteen-year-old daughter name Mayella Ewell. During the trial the verdict and victim had two different stories to tell. Tom Robinson stated that while walking home from work Mayella…show more content…
When he got in the house he said that Mayella suddenly grabbed him by his legs, Tom gets down from the chair when Mayella starts to hug to him, and asks him to kiss her. That’s when Mayella father arrives at the window and calls Mayella a whore and that’s when Tom instantly ran out the house. Mayella states that she asked Tom to fix something, and as she walked in Tom pushed on to the ground and took advantage of her. “He chunked me on the floor an’ choked me’n took advantage of me” (Lee 205). Mayella’s father Bob Ewell said that he heard his daughter Mayella screaming and when he ran to the house he seen Tom running out of the door. But during the trial Tom’s attorney Atticus states that Tom has no usage in his left arm, and that someone with a strong left hand can bruise the right side of Mayella’s face. “Would you write your name for us? He asked. “Clearly now so the jury can see it”. (Lee 202) Atticus asked Mr. Ewell to write on sheet of paper, to show that Mr. Ewell predominant hand was his left hand, and…show more content…
The Scottsboro trial started March 1931 when nine young African American males ages 13 to 21 riding in an open freight cart through Rural, Alabama. The train ended up stopping, and everyone got off the train including when two Caucasian women, Ruby Bates and Victoria Price got off and yelled rape. That’s when things went wrong; the boys were put in jail till their trial. The Scottsboro boys weren’t given a fair trial by any means. During the trial the “doctors who examined the women certified there had been no rape”(Pitts 2). One of the victims Ruby Bates admitted that they weren’t raped and that they were prostitutes. The Scottsboro boys were still accused guilty and charged with rape, their penalties varied based off their ages. All of the boys were sentenced to death instead of the thirteen-year-old male. The Jim Crow laws also took place around this time, because even with one of the victims admitting that there was no crime being committed, these young African American males were still accused

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