Essay On Minorities In Jail

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Over the past decades, the numbers of African American and Hispanic males in prisons and jails increased drastically in the U.S. Minorities formed a habit falling into deeper trouble largely because of their unprivileged backgrounds and poor social status and have harder time digging themselves out. Prisons across America consist of millions of young men, whose most of their education exceeds no more than high school. Troubled boys with tough lives cry for help through their actions but get caught in a bad situation instead and get punished for it, hard. African Americans and Hispanics could easily be sentenced to serve longer time for the same minor/major crimes whites commit. “One area where the black-white gap has widened is incarceration. Several speakers at the anniversary took note of…show more content…
The 60% or more of the minorities in prisons are a living example of how deeply flawed our criminal justice system is in the United states. Unfortunately United States is the world leader with over 2 million inmates in jails and prisons. Blacks and Hispanics have a higher chance of being convicted once arrested and serve a longer period of time. Bribery, racial bias, ignorance have a big role in influencing law enforcements, judges, juries and prosecutors to cloud their judgements. Almost 9% of African American males under the age of 20s are behind bars. The criminal justice system is corrupt, it is no longer about justice or fairness. Everyone guilty of crime does not get treated the same, rarely ever give trials and if you’re lucky they’ll delay trials. Many serious crimes and criminals are let off easily, conflict interests between those in charge and the judges. Some people, who are actually innocent are wrongfully imprisoned and convicted. The people in control of the Criminal justice system and communities benefited from mass incarcerations economically, using prisons as way of economic
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