Should Children Be Vaccinated Research Paper

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Although believed the children should be vaccinated because it can save lives Why children need to be vaccinated ? so they can be in good condition and be healthy. Doctor says that the vaccinating your child is a good option and is helpful for your health. Although some people believe that the children should not be vaccinated, children should get vaccinated because it will protect she/he from dangerous disease. Some people believe that the vaccinating your children is dangerous, for example, can cause death or sickness. Some critics think that children should not be vaccinated. Critics argue that some vaccines have high levels of mercury in them that can harm small children. What they fail to realize is they are putting children it a risk to death. For example, if you vaccinate your children at a young age they can died. Doctor said that vaccinating your children in a young age can cause dangerous damage to their body. This can help support problem about children not getting vaccinated. your children have the right to choose If they want to be vaccinated. People argue that vaccine can be dangerous. vaccine can be good for some children and bad for some children because of the high mercury vaccine. vaccinating your children can be beneficial to others by not spreading a disease. Although believed that the vaccine can be dangerous because of the high levels of mercury and it can be a good sources to save lives.…show more content…
to be safe you need to take all vaccinations. Many doctor chose different vaccine for children because they have different disease to cure. “California struggles with high number of unvaccinated

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