Octavia Butler Gender

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#1) Weste #2) It is one thing to read and learn about the horrors of slavery, and another to actually experience the horrid lifestyle of a slave. Octavia E. Butler wrote a science fiction book about a young woman who travels back in time when slavery was still practiced. When we learn about slavery, we learn that there is the white family who owns slaves, so that they can exploit them. These are the two main social roles that exists in slavery: the oppressor and the oppressed. But in reality it goes way beyond that. During this time there is a more noticeable oppression of the woman as well. The submission of the female gender to the male gender, some might consider is still a problem today. All of the roles that are seen in the novel, are the product of fear. Fear is a social emotion that numbs majority. Fear is a tool that was used in the past and is still being used. The numbness that fear gives off does not let people do what they truly desire. Instead, they are cornered and forced to succumb to the terrorist. The terrorist can be anyone regardless of nationalism, race, ethnicity, sex, gender, height, and/or marital status. Those who inflict fear,…show more content…
We fail to recognize that these differential expectations for men and women, for husbands and wives are how sexual difference is transformed into gender stratification … our gender structure the interactional level is at the core of the male privilege still obvious in marriage and the family and that the structure of our interactional encounters re- creates gender stratification even when the people involved are committed to equality. “ (Risman) There is no equality between men and women, and there probably will not be since gender stratification is deeply embedded in our daily lives. Media, laws, family and peers are the once who keep gender stratification alive. There still exist that guideline of the ideal men and woman in
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