To Kill An America Analysis

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Many countries, and their people, see America as a tyrant, a bully with too many resources. Many have quickly turned to judge, even after we've given them our hand to help America has done her best to make peace and create stability throughout the world, by sticking our noses in others' business, yes, but for the greater good it has been necessary. I believe America is a great nation, and to be an American we must too strive to be great, we, the people, represent our beautiful country, a message similar to the one in the video, "To Kill an American" by Matthew Modine. It's powerful message restates that America is a country of strong willed individuals, Like Martin Luther King Jr. in his speech, "I Have a Dream". It's men like these who inspire…show more content…
They lived long ago. And they were determined men, and women, who wanted to start anew. Those were the beginners, the ones who gave all they had, for a chance in a new world, a chance to start over and make a name for themselves. These people are the true forefathers, and mothers, of the great nation we have today. One of the early men who came here was named St. John de Crèvecoeur, and he was a magnificent writer. He told England of the wonders of our nation, long before it had even begin to blossom into the majesty it has matured and grown into. I admire his deep reverence for our country, and do wish he could see what a glorious enterprise it has become. But alas, Mr. Crèvecoeur died a long time ago. But he wrote an open letter, aforementioned, to England. It described the life of man, ash possibly his family, and the hardships that befallen them. A great deal had, of course, but such is the life of an immigrant, or pioneer. The man, and even his wife, would work hard here, nothing was given easy. You suffered the harsh winters, the blazing summers, and the pain of losing crops to pests. They suffered great losses, even loss of their children, but they cultivated the land, turned it into crops of gold, and began our rise to power. They suffered immensely to kick start the economy, and breathe life into the nation of immigrants, of refugees, stowaways and prisoners of poverty, so that they could

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