Gun Control Rhetorical Analysis Essay

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Grasping Guns: A Rhetorical Analysis on Gun Control Ads. Wars have been raged with guns for centuries. From the one-shot musket to the fully-automatic Ak-47, guns have protected our families and have destroyed others. Two ads, both with the message of gun control, but one conveys a stronger message. One ad has a pistol painted with the colors of an American flag with numbers of how many were killed in the United States. Another ad, by the organization Moms Demand Action, shows two kids, one holding an assault rifle and another one holding a dodge ball. The ad, by Write Handgun Control Inc., conveys a stronger message because of its effective use of ethos, pathos, and logos. The ad by Write Handguns Control Inc. is a gun control ad that wants to better control the handling of pistols. The ad has three important characteristics: the information that shows the amount of people killed by a pistol in different parts of the world, the statement…show more content…
The ad is a picture of two young boys in a gym holding something in their hands. One boy is holding a dodge ball, which is commonplace in a gym. The next boy is holding something a little more dangerous: an assault rifle. Both are in a lackluster place and the audience is given the following question: “One child is holding something that’s been banned in America to protect them. Which one?” This advertisement seems to be more for mothers than men because they are the ones who mostly nurture their children and if one of them is doing or experiencing something dangerous, they would act upon it without hesitation because of their motherly instincts. The basic value of a mother is to protect their child so that they could live on their own someday. This ad appeals greatly to mothers because of the children used as standing models for their gun ad. They feel that since dodge ball is banned in America, why guns can’t be banned as

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