Arguments Against Planned Parenthood

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“He loves me...He loves me not” “I thought I loved him”, she told me sitting there crying. We were in the warm inviting waiting room at the closest Planned Parenthood. I knew this was hard for her to share this with me, but I knew it was something she needed to do. She told me about losing her virginity to a senior who made her feel like she was the world. But after he was done with her, he was gone without even a goodbye. I wasn’t especially close with her but I knew that she needed someone, which in turn gave us a great friendship. The question lingering in my mind was finally answered, he had given her an STD, but he had never told her that he was infected. She had found out later and didn’t want to tell her parents what had happened, so she made the choice of going to Planned Parenthood. Even though I wasn’t a patient there and had…show more content…
This group very strongly believes that the Federal Government should stop funding Planned Parenthood because they are doing unethical things, such as selling livers and the stem cells from the babies to stem cell companies. It is against the law to sell human fetal tissue with a fine of up to 10 years in Federal prison and up to a $500,000 fine. One company said that instead of stopping the funding for Planned Parenthood, why not seize the stem cell company that is buying the parts from not only Planned Parenthood but from other places that abort companies. The Pro-Life Action League believes that when an egg is fertilized that it is then considered a human being.One thing this Action League does is go to Planned Parenthood and other abortion sites to protest abortion, from having protests to holding graphic images of what abortion looks like. With Planned Parenthood doing so many other things that are for a great cause, they are trying to not stop funding them but just give them a

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