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Detroit was once the pinnacle of cities in the united states, maybe even the world. But that was sixty years ago. Now it is one of the most corrupt and broken cities in our country. The beginning of this downfall was with the rapid decline of the population. According to Forbes, in 1950 the population was measured at 1.86 million. The 2012 census measure the population was measured at 700,000. This is a massive decrease and leads me to my first point. The government has failed to adjust to the ever declining population. Detroit has one of the highest employee per citizen rates in the country according to Detroitnews.com. For example San Jose, California has around a million citizens and an estimated rate of 158 citizens per city employee. Detroit has a population of around 700,000 and has an estimated rate of 55 employees per citizen.…show more content…
The Government has failed to regulate itself too the point of bankruptcy. Between instances such as Kwame Kirkpatrick's criminal enterprise and certain city workers receiving a 13th pension check every year, for twenty five years. It is not at all surprising that this city has fallen flat on it's face. Over 40 percent of the streetlight don't work and the city has an estimated 7800 abandoned buildings. This has led to an absolute spike in crime rates in this once great city. Of course this is not without cause, according to Detroitnews.com. the city is currently staffing the lowest amount of police officers since the 1920’s. This along with all the abandoned neighborhood leads to a breeding ground for crime. Detroit's Financial irresponsibility have created a cutthroat environment where the easies way to prosper is illegally. With few cops to enforce the laws of the

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