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The issue of transgender students in schools has been a popular topic across the United States recently. One of the biggest issues concerning transgender students is about what bathrooms can the students use. If a student was born female but identifies as a boy, then should they use the bathroom of the gender they identify with or with the gender they were born with. This issue has been most popular at the national record, and has become an issue in the schools. Under the Trump administration with Secretary DeVos, the policies that the Obama administration passed in favor of gender neutral bathroom have been overturned recently. Parents of transgender students and the students themselves have been outraged at this. Someone who identifies as…show more content…
That is not the case for transgender students because 75.1% do not feel safe in school, 63.4% say they avoid going to the bathroom at school (genderspectrum). It is not okay that someone does not get the feeling of safety in a place that they have to go every day for a majority part of the year. A person cannot learn if they are worried about what people may say or do about them. Bullying has harmful effects on people, and if someone identifies as a girl or boy but is forced to still use their biological sex’s bathroom, then it can lead to worse bullying and other students not accepting the fact of who that student is. Children at a young age already start forming thoughts and judgements at a young age, and they are the future. School should be a place where they are accepting of everyone no matter what color skin, gender, religion or sexual orientation they are, and if they see a peer who is transgender and is doing everything the same as they are then students will grow up to be more open minded of it. 41% of transgender and gender non-conforming people have tried to kill themselves (genderspectrum). These are unnecessary lives that have to be lost due to the fact that people are rude and ignorant. That is too high of a number for such a small population of people. That number would decrease if people were more welcoming and just stopped being hurtful to others because they are different from

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