What Were The Goals Of The Progressive During The Early 1900's

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Oreoluwa Adedapo Professor Amy Bell HIST 1302-81450 November 30, 2015 Written Exercise #2 Progressive were young educated people who mainly lived in cities and believed government could be a tool for change. There main goals was to improve the political and social problem during the late 1800’s to early 1900’s. The group had different ideas of how to tackles different problems from state to state. Among their ideas were, adopting a secret ballot, the initiative, the referendum, direct primaries, and direct election of senators. Also, they cut short the growing power of corporate organization by raising corporate taxes, limiting monopoly, regulation railroads and utilities, and also restricting lobby. They also advocated for minimum wage, child labor laws, widow’s pensions, maximum hours legislation (for woman), and general worker’s compensation. Examples of progressive’s member was President Theodore Roosevelt, who regulated big businesses, and also Robert La Follet from Wisconsin who practiced an open and responsive government. The progressive were more…show more content…
The political scene enjoyed more turnout of voters during these period and also closed matched elections. However, there were several cases of corruption among politicians during this era, like the ‘political machines’ and the Teapot Dome. Emergence of new technological advancement improved quality of life for the average middle class but industrial workers and farmers did not get any taste of the new prosperity as they were still working in dangerous condition with low pay. It was interesting how some of the beneficiary during this era still disagree with some of their reforms. Among them was Andrew Carnegie who noticed he needed ways to defend and explain himself concern the size of his

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