Tim Burton's Style In The Movie 'Edward Scissor Hands'

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Tim Burton’s Style In an abandoned mansion, a man created by an old scientist lives in darkness and isolation. He hadn’t had any other human interaction, besides the scientist, until an Avon sales woman came into the old mansion. Inside she discovers Edward, from Tim Burton’s film Edward Scissor Hands, and is frightened by the appearance that he was walking towards her with weapons, but little did she know that it was just his hands. From then on she takes in Edward and treats him like he’s part of the family. Creepy scenes and weird characters often appear in Burtons Movies. These help to develop his style. Tim Burton’s mysterious, twisted style is conveyed through low key lighting, close ups, and intense music in his movies Edward Scissor…show more content…
An example of this technique in Burton’s work is in Beetlejuice when the family and their friends are surrounded around the table and Otho is about to summon the ghosts. In this scene the low key lighting created a suspenseful and mysterious mood. Another way Burton uses low key lighting is in Edward Scissor Hands. In this movie Burton transitioned the lighting from high key to low key when Edward was having his flashback of the inventor dying. By doing this Burton created a sad and depressing mood. Both examples use topics that would cause you to either be sad or scared, this proves his twisted style. As well as low-key lighting Burton uses dramatic, low music to create suspense to add to his mysterious style. To demonstrate this Burton made the music get very low when Peg first saw Edward as he emerged from the shadows in Edward Scissor Hands. When he did this the scene became very serious and suspenseful. Also in Beetlejuice Burton made the music very dramatic when the car was about to fall depending on if dog moved off the wood holding them up. This made the scene suspenseful, because the couple’s fate was depending on the dog’s actions. These examples also add to Burton’s mysterious and twisted

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