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In Beetlejuice, Adam and Barbra crash into a bridge and die, the two try to cope with their new life as spirits. This happens in Burton’s other film Edward scissorhands. Edward tries to cope when he moves in with Peg. In Burton’s film Bettlejuice, a rich and greedy family then moves in to their home. The new family redecorates the home and are very rude. Adam and Barbra can’t seem to scare them away. They needed some help so they made an appointment with someone to get help. She didn’t really get help from her so they went to a man named beetlejuice. He was nothing but trouble and didn’t help at all. The family then summoned them and it wasn’t good. Creepy and dark moments like this happens in Tim Burton’s movies usually. His films usually have dark and scary story lines in his movie. With color schemes and dark lighting. That also helps create a…show more content…
Usually this happens in Beetlejuice when they zoomed in on beetlejuice’s grave in the town model. It played creepy music as soon as it zooms in. This also happens in Edward Scissorhands when Edward is about to peek out of the corner of the attic. The music starts to play as he walks slowly towards Peg. In Beetlejuice, the audience is scared or creeped out by the music and the zoom. Another time Burton uses creepy music is when the rich, new family summons Adam and Barbra to life. When they summon them by saying some creepy sayings they come into the clothes that were lied out on the table. The creepy music then starts to play.As they rise the music becomes creepier and then when they stand the music becomes louder and creepier and then is at its max. Near the end the daughter has to get married and the creepy music keeps playing as the audience is hoping she doesn’t get married. Then Adam and Barbra continue to slowly die. The audience wonder what may happen to the characters in the movie. Burton proves his dark nature of his

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