Personal Narrative: Missouri Fox Trotting Horse

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I’ve always been more of an animal lover than a “people person”, and form very strong connections with animals. There have been many animals that have touched my heart in my lifetime, but very few have made the impact that my Missouri Fox Trotting Horse, Roany, did in the short amount of time we were allowed to spend together. Our connection was very rare; we could practically read each other’s minds. It was as if we were meant for each other, and to this day I have never had a bond with another animal quite like the one I had with him. I was first introduced to Roany in the late summer or early fall of 2009, very shortly before my fourteenth birthday. Some family friends of ours had rescued him from severe neglect in which he was nearly starved to death, and were in the process of nursing him back to health. He was in a small pen by himself, for he was still far too weak to defend himself in a herd full of strange horses who would try to determine his place in the pecking order if…show more content…
He had never seen a trail in his life and had only been raced alongside other horses in his old pasture. Nothing spooked him and he did fine, except for the fact that he stumbled a lot and had a hard time figuring out his footing. It wasn’t until then that I figured out that he really was brilliant. When he followed another horse, you could tell he was paying close attention to how the horse in front of him placed their feet and navigated the rough terrain, and he would copycat it. Just like with learning to perform all five gaits, it took no time for him to navigate the rough terrain smoothly without any issues. He would even glide over logs at a full gallop without any hesitation and was now in good enough shape to ride for a couple of hours at a time, although any more was always too much for him. That wasn’t a problem though, because I had formerly suffered from hip dysplasia and could not ride for any longer than that

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