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Image you are trying to sell facial products to somebody in a big creepy house and you knock on the door and the door creeks open. You start walking up the stairs and you see there is a big hole in the roof, you also see a guy with scissors for hands and he comes walking towards you with scratches all over his face. What would you do would you take him home with you or run away screaming and calling the police. In the movie Edward Scissor Hands ,directed by Tim Burton, there is a mom Peg Boggs, a dad, and a daughter Kim Boggs that take Edward into there home and the whole town loves him until he messes once. The whole town turns on him and the police are called because he broke into someone's house, if you want to see another movie like this you can watch the movies Beetlejuice. Tim Burton style is best conveyed through his use of medium lighting, colors, and music.…show more content…
For example when Kim and Edward are hugging in the family room and Edward really doesn’t have any facial features when they zoom in and show that he really doesn’t have any emotion in his face which this shows that he is very easy going. This helps with character development by showing there emotion by it not being so bright or to dark to be able to see there face and what they are doing around them. Burton also uses colors to create mood. For instance in the movie Vincent, when Vincent is in his room and his mom comes in and starts yelling at him and his room is very dark but when his mom open the door the light for the hallway makes a door frame shadow and his face is very bright so is his moms. This creates mood because its showing when his mom is yelling at him it is very dark and his face is all sad. This help to create mood because they are showing that even though his mom is yelling at him he is still happy with what he was doing in his

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