Ram In Indian Devotional Theater Analysis

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Ramlila: The Story of Ram in Indian Devotional Theater was an intriguing exhibit that displayed the vastness of Ramlila. The entirety of the exhibit allows viewers to truly understand the creativity of Ramlila and the devotion it requires to pull it off. The exhibit is arranged on three separate floors of the FedEx Global Education Center. Each floor houses vivid pictures, costume pieces, and props that are used to bring Ramlila to life. Upon entrance to the building, viewers are able to freely walk between each part of the exhibit and witness the magic behind this dramatic re-enactment of the life of Rama. The first floor of the exhibit was visually fantastic. The first few cases display costumes commonly used in Ramlila, as well as a pair of finely engraved wooden sandals. In addition to costuming, the actors that participate in Ramlila usually do their own make up. When stunning makeup is combined with costumes that sparkle, a visually enticing show is produced. Each costume is crafted with various fabrics that are generally bright in…show more content…
Many people strive to participate in it, including children. Similarly, many aspects of Ramlila closely relate to the Hindu epics in the fact that they are each roughly 2,000-2,500 years old and they all are a unique form of story telling that bond the community together. An aspect of the exhibit that caught me off guard was the fact that widows wear white. Usually, one may think the common color for mourning the loss of someone is black, but this exhibit proved otherwise. Additionally, since Ramlila is heavily based on Hindu beliefs, it was shocking to me when I learned that Muslims participate in Ramlila as well. Despite the religious affiliation of the show, people from all over the world work together to make it a reality. Actors are required to learn their dialogue in a short amount of time and the costumes and makeup must fit together perfectly to create

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