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Tim Burton Style Analysis ITim Burton, did as any skillful director would; preferring complexity over simplicity in the creation of his works. Utilizing the two main elements of cinema to their fullest, Burton’s movies would always contain a theme within their music and corresponding visuals. One such movie was Edward Scissorhands, a movie that is multiple genres on its own. Below, a short analysis of Scissorhands will create a basic summary of the techniques used in Burton’s creation. The movie, Scissorhands, began with immediate visual differences from the average cinematic presentation. Rather than brief, opening credits that appear during the first scenes of most movies, Burton separated the opening credits of his movie from its first scenes entirely. Not only that, but the opening credits contained visuals and objects that would later appear as actual props or objects in the movie. This was likely done to slightly confuse viewers, provoking curiosity and foreshadowing scenes of the movie before it even begins, an advanced visual technique. Another noticeable trait of Burton’s was his unique use of musical score. In Scissorhands, specifically, the changes in music for every scene were extremely…show more content…
In the movie Scissorhands, Burton occasionally used shots that were so close to a character or object, that it was almost unnecessarily so, for the sole purpose of bringing even more attention to whatever subject was shown at the time. Furthermore, the excessively close shots were sometimes brief, almost looking like a cinematic accident, though that was likely Burton’s intention. Burton would also use far shots to show scenery, but for a large amount of time. Evidently, Burton wanted his viewers to truly study the environments in his movie scenes, rather than briefly glance at

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