The Transformation Of Silence Into Language And Action By Audre Lorde

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A Big Change Nowadays, there are some people that have a lot to say, but prefer to stay in silence for several different reasons. Audre Lorde , in her essay ‘ The transformation of silence into Language and Action’, tell her history of how she has come to believe over and over again that what is most important to her “must be spoken, made verbal and shared, even at the risk of having it bruised or misunderstood”(“The Transformation of Silence” 1977). This statement relates to me in a particular way. First of all, I have to say that I am an international student at Howard University; when I decided to come to the United States, I knew that everything was going to change in my life, especially my social life. One of my big problems…show more content…
When I had to go to my first day of class, I was very nervous, I did not feel prepared for it; but, I just thought that everything that I will do here was going to be for a better future. So, I went to class and the class was very nice; but even when I had questions about the chapter or an assignment, I preferred to stay in silence for the reason that maybe my professor and my classmates would not understand me when I talk because of my accent, and it would be very shameful for me. Also, I did not have friends because I did not speak so much for the same reason that they might not understand me. This is something that I did for many days until I realized that staying in silence was not the best option, and that if I wanted to improve my English, I would have to practice it. Therefore, here is how the statement of Audre Lorde…show more content…
First, I would like to say that my social life here is very different from my social life in Peru; even if, I am very friendly. In my country, I have many friends that I miss a lot, but when I decided to come I knew that it would happen; regardless, I thought in my future and in the great opportunity that I had on my hands. Nonetheless, when I started college, I met many friends in my dorm; but, the friendship with them is not the same as I had with my friends in my country. I said that breaking my silence caused a great impact on my social life because when I was with my friends, I didn’t use to talk so much; usually, I showed myself as a shy person, but I knew perfectly that I was not that kind of person. Here is when the fear of being misunderstood by my friends and prefer to stay in silence appears. Because of it, I preferred to stay all the day in my bedroom that go out with my friends; but, at the same time, staying in my bedroom made feel homesick and sad. That is why, I said that it had to change because I also realized that talking to my friends more would help me to improve my English skills, and it is the most important for me. Now, when I am with my friends, I show myself as the person that I am; even, when they do not understand me, they do not make me feel shameful, instead of that, they help me to say what I wanted to say

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